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In our club conducted, examinations for promotion GUP (colored belts) and examinations for promotion DAN (black belts).
-Every six months students have the opportunity to participate in examinations (optional).That evaluates the ability, the range of technical knowledge and contribution to the sport.

-The level is recognized by the color of the belt that the athlete wears in the direct body.

The two types of levels are the GUP and DAN. DAN characterized by a golden line on the belt.
- The new belt is obtained by examinations in which the player mainly applies, in the presence of the teacher and other reviewers, techniques against imaginary opponents (
- When athlete is under black belt, is in the level of GUP. White belt has 10 GUP. Each time that the belt changes, the GUP reduced by one until the athlete gets a GUP at the half black belt. Once he gets the black belt, has a DAN.
Continuing he can give examinations to the Greek Federation Tae Kwon Do (
ELOT) to gain more DAN. The maximum number of DAN is 9.

                                        - The examinations take place twice a year and over the months: December and June.
 At 23/06 (Wednesday) will be EXAMINATIONS FOR BELTS.
Those who want to participate, must complete the application until 22/06 (Tuesday).