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- Each new belt corresponds to a poomsae. Here you can see what are the names of poomsae in the Korean language (video included).



   - Poomsae means a 'form' in which the trainee will carry through the lines move in a systematic and consecutive way against an imaginary opponent or multiple opponents by using various techniques TKD hands and feet contain key stops, saves, kicks , dents, and during their execution parts of the body are converted into weapons.

   - The Tae Kwon Do has three types of forms for students who have not reached the level of black belt: it is both Kimpo, the main goal is to help the beginner to develop good basic attitudes and synchronization, eight Taegkeouk (Tae In the Taegkeouk means "greatness" and Gkeouk "Eternity"), which is a more advanced form of the form, which built on the foundations of all the TKD and advanced forms for students who hold a black belt.

Regulations implementing the

    -     Before the implementation of mandatory
poomsae you must bow and shout out loud the name of the Korean poomsae
  •          The poomsae begins and ends at the same point
  •          The attitude (the right attitude) must be over the course of the poomsae
  •          The muscles should be relaxed and strong points to any poomsae
  •          Kijap (voice) should be the most important points of poomsae
  •          The poomsae should be performed rhythmically, uninterrupted
  •          We know the end of each movement
  •          Every movement should be performed realistic (real)