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Are you interested in a new sporting activity?

The Athletic Club "Pausanias" Founded in 1988 Aigio, contributing significantly to the sport of Aigialeia.
We teach the Tae kwon do, with emphasis on daily life. Sport is a method of educating young people is a way of life and teaches good manners.

History of Tae Kwon Do:
The Tae Kwon Do is a very old martial art of Korea with a history of 2,500 years. The old Korean martial arts were two means Tae Kyon and Sumbaki where these two arts come together under the guidance and modification of General Choi Hon Hi and as a result Tae Kwon Do was born in 1965.

Tae: It means kick, hit with the foot.
Kwon: It means being hit with fists.
Do: It's how, art, mind, to execute all of them.


- Promotes the development of physical and moral principles that form the basis of sport.

- Educates youth in a spirit of mutual understanding, mutual respect and friendship.

- It's known all around the world the principles and regulations of the Tae Kwon Do and thus achieve a better and more peaceful world.

- The Ancient Greek Spirit gave birth to the Olympic idea, be that man through the efforts to be top of the line, so to be the winner in the Olympic games.

- On the other created conditions that mutual emulation and sports teams to contribute to the brotherhood of nations.

- Five rings is the Olympic motto, we transfer the idea of multiple patterns of struggle as it is sealed and the pentathlon.

- Lessons Tae kwon do give children fun, exercise, discipline, self control, and physical skills they can use throughout their lives.

- In addition, develop confidence and self-esteem, self-knowledge, harmony, logical thinking, how to avoid difficult situations and also with peaceful means to check the facts.

- The main goal of Tae kwon do is to achieve overall control of mind, body through proper training. It is a popular sport worldwide, but has much more to offer beyond entertainment and physical fitness. The Tae kwon do contain a philosophy, a code of ethics, a set of values that can literally be described as a way of life.

- The benefits physically, mentally, and socially. At times it may seem too difficult, but with a little patience, the difficulty will soon be an accomplishment and a sign of success.

- Our mission is to help our students to reach beyond any difficulty. The welfare of our children is a natural concern of any parent.

- Program Group Tae kwon do will help parents build confidence and character of their children. These qualities will help children to become leaders, develop their mental and physical abilities that will allow them to feel pride in his achievements.